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If you are looking for a professional rubbish removal team that get the job done, you need look no further than us, as we have what you need every step of the way. We cover many areas in London, being there when you need us and addressing any issues you may have with your rubbish, waste and more. Just give us a call today and we will have you covered all the way with one of our many service options.

  • Rubbishes 06Nov 2023

    Booking was a simple process and communication was excellent - when the collection was due I was notified regularly, and then the men arrived right on time. Collection was completed quickly and without any hassle - all in all it was a very impressive service.

    Chris Darnell

  • Rubbishes 27Jul 2023

    Moving out can be very daunting and overwhelming, but these guys helped to make it a lot smoother by dealing with all our waste material quickly and efficiently. They handled everything carefully and were extremely helpful throughout the whole process.

    Joanna Z.

  • Rubbishes 30Jul 2019

    When I had some issues with garden waste clearance I left it up to London Rubbish Clearance and they did a great job for me fixing it all and getting rid of rubbish.

    Tyler M.

  • Rubbishes 09Oct 2018

    I couldn't believe I could get the junk from my garage clearance task removed so quickly and so cheaply. The service of Waste Disposal Service London was a pleasant surprise.

    Angela F.

  • Rubbishes 02May 2018

    We expected the house clearance to take a few days at least due to the sheer volume of stuff to dispose of, yet Rubbishes did it in a day. We were thrilled to say the least.

    Renee Kim

  • Rubbishes 20Feb 2018

    Any waste clearance jobs should be done by Rubbish Disposal Company London. Way better than the others.

    M. Hudson

  • Rubbishes 08Nov 2017

    Mum had decided to warn me of a surprise visit. I was not in the mood to get a lecture on how to clean a house, so contacted Waste Disposal Service London to assist in waste disposal. Great company, good prices. Will use again.

    Francine Jorgensen

  • Rubbishes 28Sep 2016

    Had to do some heavy de-cluttering and needed help. Rubbish Disposal Company London was just what I was looking for - a punctual, reliable, and eco-friendly waste clearance company with the right teams for the job. Huge thanks!

    Mira Welles

  • Rubbishes 28Jun 2016

    We had our doubts, but Waste Disposal Service London really came through for us. We needed the place cleared up for a house party, and they got rid of all the rubbish in no time. Thanks a lot!

    Marie C.

  • Rubbishes 03Dec 2015

    I'm a business owner, and recently closing a new deal has meant we've been looking to expand our operation. The first thing on the list was a new office, and during our planning we decided to get some new desks and other equipment. We hired Rubbishes to clear out the old venue, hearing that they work well with businesses. These rumours were apparently true, as they got to work straight away in a very professional manner, and nothing about the process affected our company in a negative way. Thanks guys!

    Walter B.

  • Rubbishes 05Oct 2015

    I'm really happy to have found a decent and reliable clearance company for my office! I usually clear my office every few years, but I've never found a company that I found reliable enough. I hired Rubbishes on a whim, and was shocked and thrilled with the work they did. I'll definitely be using this company from now on!

    Matt L.


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If you need high quality rubbish disposal services, simply check the positive feedback by our customers and see for yourself what we have to offer.

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