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House Clearance

Consider House Clearance If You Have Too Much Junk in Your Home

property clearance service in londonIf you think that your home is a bit cluttered with unwanted items and junk, it is definitely a good idea to consider hiring a domestic clearance service. Rubbishes Ltd is the number one choice you have to keep in mind when it comes to such services. We have accumulated experience throughout the years on how to organize a successful rubbish removal and what it takes to finish such a task faster, safer and for less money. That has made us the preferred company to hire for all flat clearance requests that you have. There is no real question which company to hire – it has to be us, if you want a stress-free experience.

Some of the best benefits of hiring us with no more than a phone call to 020 3743 9508 are:

  • Low cost for a superior quality home clearance service
  • Express same day service
  • Option to book at a time entirely convenient to you
  • Get an instant reply right after contacting us

Why should You Consider Rubbishes Ltd?

Apart from the aforementioned benefits you get by hiring us, there are some less obvious ones that you should also consider. Our company is widely known for the friendly property clearance teams that we send out to deal with this task. Everyone who has ever tried out our service has greatly valued the attitude and expertise of each of our workers. We pay close attention to details and always strive to finish the job in a perfect way. This sets apart our house clearance service from the rest that you can possibly consider. We know that it is such commitment and motivation that our clients want to see, and for this reason we will try to keep it up.

Eco-friendly Disposal for Environmental Care

london home clearance companyAnother great benefit that you must keep in mind is that we are environmentally friendly in our approach and will always try to recycle the waste we collect. We work with a number of accredited recycling plants, since we believe that this is truly a worthy cause. The items we collect during your home clearance for the most part will not just end up on a random dump, but instead have a huge chance of being recycled and put to use again. We strongly believe that such a policy is extremely valuable and for this reason we will try to improve this aspect of our work.

What Items Can We Dispose Of?

Call 020 3743 9508 when you have a set of old furniture in your living room that you want to replace. We know how difficult it can be to perform flat clearance on your own, which is why our experts are willing to come to your aid. Furthermore, you can consider us if you have a number of old appliances that you have nowhere to store. Our team can come and collect those for you, in an eco-friendly manner. Such items will likely end up recycled, which is the best way to dispose of them and free up space in your home.

How Can You Hire Us?

We value the time of our clients and for this reason have made the procedure of hiring us very short and easy. All that you have to do in order to book our professional house clearance service is to call 020 3743 9508, talk to an expert about what items you want us to come and collect, and book a time and date suitable for you. It is as simple as that. On the day that you have chosen, we will arrive on time and quickly work to perform the property clearance in order to free your home of all unwanted junk.